Welcome to the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation.

Our Mission

The mission of the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation is to achieve scientific excellence by examining existing orthopaedic and neurologic conditions using sound scientific methodology. The goal is to identify the mechanisms underlying musculoskeletal injuries and to discover and develop effective interventions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these injuries

Vision Statement

Our goal is to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and enhance the quality of life for those affected by them. The research foundations current focus remains:

  • Focus on excellence and innovation in basic and applied research and education in musculoskeletal and neurologic injuries.
  • Perform basic research in order to define mechanism of injury, and utilize these findings to implement educational programs and therapeutic interventions.
  • Build upon existing research and globally collaborate our efforts to prevent injury, enhance performance, and increase the quality of safe play.
  • Utilize all of our resources to maximize the efficacy of the benefits procured through our research. This will develop a unified partnership between medicine and the community at large through educational outreach programs and journal publications.


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