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Review of Charlotte’s Web water soluble CBD Products

Hello, and welcome to your candid review of the best CBD oil for insomnia Today we have the opportunity to reveal to consumers everywhere and more specifically to you our esteemed reader the benefits and the ugly about the renowned brand. Charlotte is master CBD oil producer and marketer that has been doing rounds on the web for quite a long time. For almost a decade now, the company has been in the CBD world market scene and there has been no serious complaints about the quality and effectiveness of their supplements. The name is actually in honor of the success story of a 6 year old girl who was treated for seizures with the CBD oil. Their oil is widely used as a remedy for epileptic seizures.

Is charlottes CBD oil legal?

The original oil used to treat one Charlotte FIgi (6) was derived from cannabis plant and is not exactly legal all over the world. The Stanely Brothers did however recreate a hemp version that is legal for use in most countries around the world. The best known brand is marketed by the charlotte Web Hemp Company based in Colorado and operating as a family owned and run business for quality hemp oil and with local and global shipping capabilities. It is usually up to you the consumer to seek legal counsel in your location and find out if the said products are legalized to avoid a run-in with the law.

Merits of the charlotte’s choice of CBD products

That said, the CW Hemp product is one of the best and most effective oils for seizures and pain relief and a balanced full body health.  It is a specialist remedy for seizures but also comes with a wide range of benefits for the immune system, digestive system, skin and mental health. The company does present a wide range of CBD products for anxiety but their best-selling brand yet is the Everyday Hemp oil. This oil is acclaimed for its superb health benefits which can be summarized by general health and fitness.

Having featured in the network times and Cosmopolitan, the company is well known as is its CBD oil among users around the world.

 The company does not say much about their top secret formula but indications from customer feedback show that the oil works. As the name suggests, the nano CBD oil for pain product is meant for everyday rejuvenation and restoration of good health. When you need a CBD oil brand you can trust for the same powerful boost in every batch, this is one that is not going anywhere soon.

The company CW Hemp has quite the reputation online and among users globally. It has created a customer base from around the world thanks to their affordable pricing and fast global shipping.  As a result, Charlotte’s CBD has become one of the most popular brands available in capsules, topicals, creams and balms. All their hemp is grown in the USA and they claim that all their crops are non-GMO and pesticide free.

For those of us in Colorado, you can enjoy the original formula of the Charlotte’s web CBD oil for cancer which is great for epilepsy and prevention of such attacks. Others will have to be contented with the replica CW Hemp which has similar benefits but is mostly useful for relaxation and general health.

So here follows a detailed review of Charlotte’s Web Extra strength Hemp infused olive oil. We will be detailed and honest based on our trial and real customer feedback. There are many benefits of the oil but we focus what makes this brand unique and reliable for your specific needs.  We also included a negative thoughts section where we chose to express what seems to be undesirable about the product. To you these may not seem like much of a problem but there are people out there who have certain preferences which when not met, there is no deal.

As earlier mentioned, CW Hemp company was established after the shocking story of Charlotte Figi. The world’s attention was drawn to the great achievement of the CBD oil treatment after contemporary medicine had failed completely. This spark ignited the fire that still burns in the heart of Colorado driving the cultivation, careful preparation and packaging of quality hemp oil for customer around the globe. The key merit of choosing CW Hemp is that you are sure of their sourcing of the raw material and the same trusted quality has been retained over the years even as they have continuously upscaled considerably. This owes to the rigorous quality assurance testing process that they put each and every batch of oils through before shipping it to you the consumer.

They have different dosages for different conditions and levels of discomfort ranging from the 300 mg to the attention grabbing 1000 mg heavy weight. Once the substance kicks in, the experience can vary from mild pain relief for better sleep and quality of life to out of this world thrills.

When it comes to cost, which by the way is no way to determine the best CBD oils or hemp seed oils to buy, the CW oil is an affordable option in the mid-price range. Lower weight bottles are available at even lower prices that you might find to be more pocket friendly if you intend to use this for a longer period of time.

The oil is versatile in use as it can be added directly to food and drinks or simply take orally. After assessment of the entire ordering and usage experience, you will not deny that the Charlotte’s Web hemp oil infused with olive oil is a worthy buy. At least, we do after having tried a fair share of water soluble CBD softgels , oils and products out there. You will not be disappointed.

The fragrance and flavor of the Charlotte’s Web Extra Strength Infused Olive Oil is one of its strongest selling points.  You will find that the olive oil taste is quite refreshing and the fragrance is refreshing just welcoming you to take a bite. The after taste lingering does not have the nasty plant extract taste that comes with some CBD oils out there. Even the light golden color tells of a sweetness inside and is much welcoming.

The CW Everyday Plus Infused Olive Oil is extracted by the CO2 process which is the best way to retain all the natural goodness from the plant. The company uses flowers and leaves to produce they infused CBD oil and not the seeds which are low in CBD content. The result is one of the most natural and potent CBD oils that enjoys easier absorption and affords you a wider range of medical and nutritional benefits for the body

We also love that the fragrance of the CW Everyday Plus Infused Olive Oil is less pungent than typical CBD oils in the market making it more palatable.

The bad

It doesn’t matter how good a product or brand is, there are always some negative thoughts one might have about them. This particular one has an excellent array of products we love and cherish for all time use. However, they are a bit unresponsive to customer feedback and sluggish when it comes to support. We would like to understand that they are a family owned and run business but with a renowned brand like theirs, one would expect better.

 There have been some instances when delivery takes more than the stated 13 days. Perhaps it is time for CW Hemp to upgrade to a more reliable and swift fulfillment service but again that could mean more costs transferred to their customers. If the CW Hemp company can work on these two weak points, their quality of service can easily match their top rated products and their brand would literary conquer the global market for CBD oils.

Final thoughts on Charlotte’s Web

Having tried the Charlotte’s Web oil previously, here is an honest verdict of their product and customer experience as compared to other top brands in the market.

The Charlotte’s Web oil is pricey and not the easy choice to manage for lengthy periods of time. I would say, it is well worth each and every coin spent on it as it offers relief for a wider range of medical conditions. It takes longer to arrive than some other local and international based companies but it is well worth the wait because its effectiveness outweighs the disadvantage of having to wait longer for your delivery. Ordering early might solve the dilemma.

 We have also been able to take the rare original Charlotte’s CBD oil for a spin and it is unlike any earthly experience you have ever had. Whether for recreational of medicinal use, this product promises higher potency and pack quite the punch. Might not get you high since it contains negligible THC content but it induces an amazing calm and bliss as well as good health relieving of all pain, stress and discomfort.

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