This portion of the program focuses on increasing leg strength.  This will lead to increased leg strength and a more stable knee joint.  Technique is everything; close attention must be paid to the performance of these exercises in order to avoid injury. 

A.  Walking Lunges (1 minute)                                   

Elapsed Time:  1.5 – 2.5 min

Purpose:  Strengthen the thigh (quadriceps) muscle.

Instruction.  Lunge forward leading with your right leg.  Push off with your right leg and lunge forward with your left leg. Drop the back knee straight down.  Make sure that your keep your front knee over your ankle. Control the motion and try to avoid you front knee from caving inward.  If you can’t see your toes on your leading leg, you are doing the exercise incorrectly. 

B. Russian Hamstring (1 minute)                          

Elapsed Time:  2.5 –3.5 min

Purpose:  Strengthen hamstrings muscles

Instruction:  Kneel on the ground with hands at your side.  Have a partner hold firmly at your ankles.  With a straight back, lead forward leading with your hips.  Your knee, hip and shoulder should be in a straight line as you lean toward the ground.  Do not bend at the waist.  You should feel the hamstrings in the back of your thigh working.  Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds and switch with your partner.

C.  Single Toe Raises (1 minute)                                 

Elapsed Time:  3.5 – 4.5 min

Purpose:  This exercise strengthens the calf muscle and increases balance.

Instruction:  Stand up with your arms at your side.  Bend the left knee up and maintain your balance.  Slowly rise up on your right toes with good balance.  You may hold your arms out ahead of you in order to help.  Slowly repeat 30 times and switch to the other side.  As you get stronger, you may need to add additional repetitions to this exercise to continue the strengthening effect of the exercise.