ADDENDUM for Younger Athletes (Under 12)

This program is safe to use for male and female athletes over the age of 12.  You can safely utilize this program with younger athletes by making the modifications described below:

With the plyometric activities, have your younger athletes jump over a visual line on the field (midfield, end line, or sideline) or a flat 2” cone.  The emphasis of this activity is the landing technique – not the height of the object that the athlete is jumping over. 

In addition, the younger athletes should perform the plyometric activities with a two-legged landing.  Again, the emphasis is on the landing and knee control (not allowing the knees to cave inward and bending the knees and the hips to accept the force of landing).

Repetitions are not emphasized in this program – time is.  We would prefer to see 5 repetitions with perfect biomechanical technique completed in the allotted time period as opposed to doing ten repetitions haphazardly. 

This program should be completed at the BEGINNING of the practice session.  If you attempt to use this program after your training session, your athletes will be fatigued and their biomechanical technique will suffer.  The element of fatigue can put your athletes at a higher risk for injury.