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Red Malay Kratom Effects

The Gold Maeng Da Kratom also known as rubiaceae or Mitragyna speciose is a bushy tree native to Asia and Africa. The tree is a stimulant whose leaves can be brewed into tea or taken raw. It is just like coffee except it has stronger stimulants and opioid like substances that are simply out of this world. It is in Malaysia that you will find the best Kratom strains that will have the best desirable effects of all other sources in the world. It is also one of the greatest producers of the stimulant in the world market.

 So what makes Malaysian strains so special and stronger than others from around the globe? Perhaps it’s the tropical weather and uniquely fertile soils plus the growing techniques mastered over centuries of grow. Whatever it is, it’s definitely unique to Malaysia and they will always have the unfair advantage.

What are the types of Kratom?

Now that we have red Kratom and you may have heard of the green Kratom, what other color might there be? That would be the white strain. For today, let’s focus on the red strain and its effects and side effects. By the time you finish reading this you will grasp the meaning of red Kratom, uses, what it feels like as in what to expect, where to get it and potential pitfalls when purchase the product online.

The red version of the plant that we are going to be looking into today differs greatly from the other two in terms of potency and effects. Its special effects make it more suitable for conditions we will look at shortly, but first, let’s take a brief look at the past and history of this herb.

History of red Malay

For centuries on end, the Kratom plant has served traditional communities as a painkiller, stimulant as they probably didn’t have exposure to caffeine and opioids. Over the recent years, the popularity of this substance as a suitable replacement for opioids and caffeine has somehow launched to a world market of recreational and medical drugs. It may not be as popular as the mostly illicit marijuana plant but it has similar calming sensation with the mad giggles or sudden outbursts, or breaching the law.

In this post, we will focus on the Red Malay Kratom herb and what makes it so different from the other two versions of the same plant. It has different potency and distinct effects but most importantly, it is the most effective painkiller among all the Kratom family members.

You get a longer mileage on this herbs thanks to its slow burn and hence longer lasting positive effects. The herb is used for the following purposes

Red Kratom for pain

Red Malay Kratom for anxiety

Stress reliever

 How to use red Kratom

This herb can be used in many forms for ease of uptake and to suit the user’s preferences which makes it much more convenient that most other natural remedies for pain. We noted that this can be brewed into tea but it can also taste equally great in a juice or if you smoke, you can burn through a cigarettes with Red Malay Kratom mixed in. alternatively, you can pick the brands that choose to pack their Kratom goodness in a good old capsule for convenient carry everywhere. People who need instant relief while still on the clock or on the go will find this the best method of using the Kratom strain to get the most out of its natural healing and nutritional value.

The red Malay is known for its excellent relaxing effects suitable for recreation or getting through an impossible stressing schedule at work. It is the most euphoric of all the red vein strain of Kratom and produces a stronger sedative euphoria which makes it far more than just a stimulant.

Benefits of choosing Red Malay Kratom

As already noted, the other most notable advantage of choosing this herb is that it has longer lasting effects so you have to use less of it over time. The effects creep in slowly and takes over for several hours depending on the dosage and you are less likely to crave another dose sooner.

 You want to buy this strain for its effectiveness as a pain control remedy. Those living with chronic pain and aches will fall in love with the strain’s sedative effects without total couch-lock effects. It is much safer and less you will have a lower risk of dependence compared to using opioids.

Shifting to Kratom might be an opportunity to get more reliable unlimited pain relief and even save money on pain meds. Over time, pain meds cost obscenely huge amounts of money and some are toxic so it’s wiser to stay away.

How to use

The best method to use your Red Malay Kratom is as directed by the manufacturer on the packaging because your brand is always slightly different. Just the same, here are a few common methods of delivering the great effects of the Red Malay Kratom plant in the body. These are merely example and you should note that the method you choose to use will greatly affect the results you are able to get. Other times you have the freedom to choose between several methods to meet your persona preferences.

Direct swallowing

You can chew on your herb and swallow with a drink of your choosing and it is as simple as that really. The powder is a bit thin at times and swallowing too much at a go will inevitably leave you in coughing fit. At the very list, use some water and rest it a while in your mouth before swallowing to avoid this. This direct ingestion method will have you feeling the effects of the Kratom in just a few  minutes unlike making tea or juice where it might take longer to kick in.

Red Malay tea

 It is also a tradition in nations where Red Kratom extract was used for relieve to make a health tea and brewing in a little Kratom was also permissible. The additive enriches the taste of teas and can even be brewed on its own. You can boil the Kratom in water or you can let sit in hot water for a couple of minutes before straining. Boiling is not recommended as it reduces the pain inhibiting effects of your herbs.

Combining with tea increases the level of stimulation and might just be your new way to enjoy a good afternoon tea.

Kratom in food and drink

You can add the herb to virtually any food or drink you prefer. For some reason, not milk but you can add it to your protein shake, coffee, tea, and pretty much any food you enjoy during the day. Just don’t cook the herb as this will destroy some of its desirable properties. The herb has an awesome flavor that you will have an easy time experimenting on different delicacies.

Kratom capsules

Like any other vitamins and supplements for your day to day consumption, this can be packaged in discreet capsules you can carry anywhere. It is perhaps the most efficient way of taking your Kratom herbs but it does take some fun out of the whole experience. For starters you can barely smell it and the taste is also lost.

Dangers of taking Red Malay Kratom

There are significant risks of taking too much of this powerful herb.  The FDA reported over 36 deaths Kratom related ODs in the last year alone. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to use this substance, you should consult your physician on the effects this might have on your health. Our advice is generic and merely for informational purpose and should never be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice.

Two to three grams on a full stomach will do the trick if you are a healthy average weight adult. Taking this stuff on an empty stomach magnifies the effects greatly. There are cases where you might feel a surge of nausea but you should not worry as this subsides quickly. Remember to wait at least 45 minutes before adding any additional dosage when the effects are not felt. Strictly, add only up to two grams and do not take this to mean you can take 5 grams at once.

Particularly when you are new to the substance, strict adherence to manufacturer directions for use will be your savior. Piling dose after dose in a short span of time can mean tragic results when the effects finally kick in.

Please note: incorrect use of this herb can be fatal. It has negative side effects on your overall health when used in excess and a few grams should be more than enough to control your pain and induce calm. It is also more likely to develop a tolerance for the substance if you keep overdosing and this could as well lead to addiction.

In summary; the Red Malay Kratom substance is a new type of recreational drug and medicinal painkiller with less addictive and detrimental effects on health. It should be taken in the right proportions and to deliver balanced desirable results for longer periods of time without feeling like you are taking medicine.

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